I celebrated a big birthday this week … so games and parties have been on my mind. Therefore, I’m happy to be devoting this week’s post to:

Dream Games

Is dreaming serious business? Yes –

— and no!

If you are part of a dream group, or if you have a group of friends who might want to play with dreams, here’s a dream game you can try:

Dream Story I

Each person write down a sentence from a dream on an index card. Mix the cards up and pass them out randomly. The person who picks a card starts a story based on the sentence that was written on the dream card. Go around the circle and have each person take a turn continuing the story.

 Dream Story II

A variation on the Dream Story Game is to have each person write down a sentence or two from a dream on a piece of paper. Then each person passes the paper to the person to their right.

That person then draws a picture of what the first person wrote down. They then fold the paper over so only the drawing is showing.

The next person then writes what s/he thinks the next part of the dream story would be based on the picture. (Remember, the words have been hidden by folding the paper, so the person who is writing is creating their story based only on the picture.)

Keep passing the paper around in the same direction with each person taking a turn adding their drawing, then writing, etc.

When the page has gone all the way around the circle, read aloud the altered dream stories. Hopefully you’ll get a good laugh … and a new dream … out of the experience.

Most of all, have fun!

July 7, 1965

& if you know of any other dream games, or ways to play with dreams, please let me us all know so we can play, too!


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