Prônam Mudrá

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All week I’d been looking forward to this day, because for the first time I’d be appearing on a local television show to discuss dreams and dream work. Unfortunately, I’d been sick with a bad cold, sneezing, teary-eyed, coughing … in no state to appear on TV.

The night before the *live* broadcast, a friend suggested I cancel the TV appearance because I was so sick. I had a better idea: I asked my dreams to help me.

I dreamed (among other things) that I was watching a procession of monks in saffron robes pass by. A female monk stopped before me and made a hand gesture which ended in her upturned palm in front of my face. I bent down as if to inhale what she held on her (empty) palm. She acknowledged me with a slight bow with her hands in prayer position in front of her heart, and I returned the gesture.

I woke feeling much better, though not completely healed. As I sat in the television studio preparing to go on air, I pictured that monk and her hand gesture. I’m sure that’s what allowed me to be well enough to complete the interview without a single sniffle, sneeze or cough.

You can click here to see the broadcast for yourself. And I hope that the next time you are faced with a challenge, you too will consider asking your dreams for help!