…  I dreamed a woman spread her muscled arms

Balletically, then leapt high in the air

curled into a ball,

wrapped herself round herself

till she was a colorful orb spinning

spinning into space …


And you were there. You knew somehow

what came before or after

this amazing act.

You knew different things 

from me. I had to accept that. And finally, I knew

I would let you go.


The next day,  we stand  at the edge

of a glittering pond. Water and sunshine

send me messages in their glittering code

as you try so hard to explain


You say, “In my dreams these days

even the landscape is strange. Circus tents

appear on water, helicopters land — giraffes gallop through …”


… and perhaps, I think,

a free-spinning woman

takes  colorful flight

high in the air above

your dream, too.


But I say nothing.

Just goodbye.