The Fool’s Dream

The Fool: The tarot card I drew (then later drew) before going to sleep last night.

The Fool dreams of robin’s egg blue

innocence & little-girl-

pink. The egg’s perfection

before the hatch.

The Fool dreams of Aleph,

A and the # just before 1. The fool dreams of Welcome

SunshineLove & Doves.

A deer adrift on a cloud

of gardenia-scented possibility.

Sweet anticipation in a glass

of honey mint tea …

The breath before

You & Me.

© Tzivia Gover, 2012

Tzivia's Fool Tarot Creation: My Fool card depicts the egg of possibility. It incorporates images from my day--the blue and silver foil wrapper from a Dove's chocolate candy, my # in line from my trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and also representations of the spring flowers I noticed as I walked to my favorite Moroccan cafe for "High-Tea-Sabbath" and other Spring images, like the deer.