In the midst of many dream scenarios last night, there was a moment when I was standing and talking to a woman and her son, who was maybe 7 or 8 years old. As I chatted with the boy’s mom in a café, the child stood on a chair between us and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel the love emanating from this child, as I looked to his mother and said, “He is such a sweetheart.” As I said the words I could feel them: Sweet heart. That was the essence of the child’s energy, and of the dream itself.

In fact, of all the dreams that came and went last night, that little snippet is what stayed with me all day long.

It’s been a rough week. And when it’s a rough week it’s easy to remember the rough spots. But the dream of the little boy with the sweet heart, reminded me to find the love in small and unexpected places.

What we choose to focus on, in a night of dreams or a week of ups and downs, is what lingers.


It’s popular these days to talk about the dreaming brain. Yes, the neurobiology of dreaming is fascinating. But, I’m starting to think about the dreaming heart. What do we know about that? <3