You don’t have to be a therapist, counselor, or coach. When it comes to a Certificate in Dream Studies, the possibilities are endless.

Institute for Dream Studies Certification Program

Q: I see that you offer a certification in dream studies. In your advertising material you say this training is perfect for therapists, counselors, and coaches. I am none of those things. But I’m still curious–could this training benefit me?


Dreams for Me?

A: Dear Dreams,

As I always say, Dreams are truly democratic–democratic with a small ‘d’ that is. That’s because everybody dreams and the wisdom and guidance offered by dreams are available to all. A certificate in dream studies, however, is a different story. Not everyone needs to have one–but if you want one, Dreamer, the possibilities of how to use your training and certification are vast and varied.

While many people who take the Institute for Dream Studies‘ dream certification course are indeed coaches, counselors, or therapists–the course is just as useful for those who are studying for their own self-growth, curiosity, and/or passion for dreams. It is incredible what happens when people devote this kind of time and attention to the study of dreams and dreamwork.

For example, I was a teacher and writer when I took the training and graduated from IDS in 2011. I am not a therapist or coach, but I took the course to satisfy my own curiosity about dreams. When I signed up I wanted to incorporate dreams into my writing and my work as a writing teacher.

In the years since, I’ve accomplished that and a lot more. I found I enjoyed working one-on-one and in groups with people and their dreams, and I began my own dream business as a result of the course. Now I regularly lead dream groups and teach classes about dreams. I also offer keynotes and presentations on dreams, and I get to teach about dreams in dreamy settings such as a retreat center in the Bahamas! In fact I recently returned from New Mexico, where among other things,I gave a talk about dreams to a spiritual community in Santa Fe.

For me, my training in dream studies has been a great addition to my career path, but just as importantly, it has been key to my intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development. I think most of our graduates would say something similar.

In addition, our founder, Justina Lasley, also built a career as a dream expert without being a therapist. She is an author of several dream-themed books, as well as an accomplished dream teacher and dream leader.

Others who have taken the course have used their training in a variety of ways as well, including starting dream groups in their communities, offering groups at the hospitals or other institutions where they work, or using their training to deepen their work as artists, teachers, etc.

Dream Certification Class

I’d love for you to join us–and I’ll be curious to see what you dream up as a result of your studies.

Until then, may you dream and be well,


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