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Follow your dreams!

May all of your dreams come true!

Dream big!

These slogans and expressions are repeated often in our society. But do you really make room for your dreams?

Do you make room for your daydreams? Do you make room for your nighttime dreams?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to make room for dreaming! Make time for your mind to wander! Create the conditions that encourage free-flowing thought. Dreamtime is time when you welcome your thoughts with curiosity and without judgment.

Dreamtime by day can be time to draw, write expressively, take a long walk or work in the garden while your mind wanders. Even doing simple chores around the house can be a time to let the mind dream freely.

As for night dreaming, the first step is to make space for sleep. Create a peaceful environment for dreaming by keeping your sleeping area calm and uncluttered. Also, leave enough time for dreaming. A good night’s sleep allows for a good night of dreaming. In the morning, take at least a few minutes to lie in bed and recall your dreams. Simply let them wash over you. Writing dreams down, drawing a picture that represents an image or emotion from your dream, or reflecting on your dreams in any way during the day creates more space for your dreams, and helps you benefit from their wisdom.

You might find that by paying attention to the dreams of the night, you’ll come closer to achieving your dreams by day. Nighttime dreams can help you identify the beliefs and attitudes that keep you stuck or sidetracked. They can also help you see whether the goals you’ve identified are really right for you. Dreams can show reveal disconnect and the discord within us. They give us hints as to what our true desires really are. And they offer advice, creative solutions and new perspectives.

Our nighttime dreams and our day dreams are connected. So make room for dreaming during the day. And make room for your night dreams.

When you do these two things you will experience positive results as you move closer to your vision for your self and your life.


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