latin letter "m"

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I needed a quick healing so I asked my dreams for help!

I dreamed I saw a female monk in saffron robes.

She acknowledged me with the hand position known as “anjali mudra

I drew this picture “M is for Monk and Mudra”– with my left hand (I’m right handed) – to take in the dream’s message.

In my dream journal I made a left-handed drawing of my dream image.

I’m a writer, not an artist, but I find that the effort and practice of drawing a dream symbol – using my non-dominant hand to access the more creative, less judgmental part of my mind – helps me to absorb its meaning on another level. It also gives me a more intimate feeling for the dream … in this case for the female monk.

As a result I felt a deeper connection with this holy woman, and her message. I felt her quiet, inward spiritual devotion, and her outer generosity in connecting with me and thereby helping me connect with my divine self and my potential to heal myself.

As it turns out, M is for medicine, too … as the dream worked better than any pills or prescription I might have taken!


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