Lately I’ve been dreaming of my sister and me in and around water together. I’ve been sharing the dreams with her and she said she could picture them as little poems in boxes, and maybe some artist could paint them and I could put them all together into a book. That’s a beautiful dream of a project. In the meantime, I’ll share one of my little dream boxes with you. And if you decide to paint it, well, all the better. Dive right in!

Dream Box: Swimming with My Sister

I’m swimming with my sister. Swimming with ease through an uphill river passage connecting two large lakes. Who will inherit this buoyant blue? This sapphire wonder? My sister will. And who will she bequeath it to? Our mother, she proposes. Or me, I suggest. No matter, I’ll have it someday, anyway. For now, here we are, swimming.

Maho Bay, US Virgin Islands