Martin Luther King, Jr. Portrait

Image by ctankcycles via Flickr

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., born  Jan. 15, 1929

Recently I had a dream … about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was sitting on a tour bus (actually it was a living room sofa, being driven like a bus, with a tour guide at the helm narrating the noteworthy sites) and I learned that Dr. King had performed a  wedding of two famous historical figures at the church we were driving past.

I see this as a hopeful dream and a call to action. In the dream I’m learning that Dr. King performed a wedding and a wedding is a symbol of union, of bringing people together in the name of love and commitment.

Dr. King’s dream of racial harmony does require ongoing commitment through ups and downs, just as a successful marriage does. It requires us to act in love, and faith, to renew our commitment to harmony again and again, through good times and bad.

In honor of Dr. King, let’s re-commit ourselves to his dream of racial harmony.

And let’s be inspired by him to dream big!

Let’s share our dreams, as he did; believe in them; and watch them manifest.

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At the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. King gave his famous speech.

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