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exotic |igˈzätik|


originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country • attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary

• of a kind not used for ordinary purposes or not ordinarily encountered


Yes, dreams can seem exotic: Blue ponies, house-sized cats, fluorescent bees; dreams contain images and landscapes that are certainly outside of our ordinary waking existence.

Although we sleep for 1/3 of our lives, and dream for much of that time, still we too often treat dreams as exotic, meaning distant or foreign. We exile them from day-to-day conversation or consideration because they are bizarre, seemingly inexplicable, and inconsistent with our rational world view.

And what is the opposite of exotic? Ordinary, normal, intrinsic, integral and essential. This is the familiar land where dreams belong.

But how do we get there? How does the exotic become ordinary and intrinsic? Familiarity, is the bridge. Take a moment to write your dreams down. Draw a picture of a dream image. Wear pink today because you dreamed about pink last night.

Invite your dreams to the breakfast table. Ask someone what they dreamed last night. Tell them about yours.

Enjoy the exotic scenery in your dreams, yes, but don’t forget … you don’t need a passport to get to the land where they are formed. They are after all, yours: your country of creativity, wisdom, and enchantment. Your home.


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