• DREAMS: ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for January 2018 start date, Dreamwork Certification Course with the Institute for Dream Studies: a year-long course for people who want to dive deeply into dreams for personal growth and professional development. APPLY NOW! Click here for details.
  • DREAMS: “The Gift of Dreams” Online Dream Group, 4 Thursdays beginning Nov. 2-Dec. 14, 1-3 p.m. USA Eastern Time, Online Dream Group. Click here for details.
  • DREAMS: October 3: “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Ring: Mutual Dreams and Friendship” at the IASD Online Psiber Dreams Conference. 3-week conference begins Sept. 24. Click here for details.
  • WRITINGOctober 4: Reading from TAKE CARE: Tales, Tips and Love From Women Caregivers (Braughler Books, 2017).an anthology for caregivers at Broadside Bookshop, Northampton, MA. 7 p.m.
  • WRITING & DREAMS: October 7, 2017, The Poetic Dreamat Manhattanville College, New York. Click here for details.
  • WRITING & DREAMS: October 27-29 2017, Dreaming on the Page as part of Patchwork Farm’s Creative Writing and Dreams retreat, at Stump Sprouts Retreat Center, Hawley, Mass. Click here for details.
  • SLEEP & DREAMS: January 18, 2018: The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep, at The 92nd St. Y, New York, NY. Click here for details.
  • DREAMS: March 19-22, The Yoga of Dreams, at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas, Paradise Island. Click here for details.

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"I want to help you connect with the everyday power, beauty, and wisdom of your life—awake and dreaming."