[n. kyoo r-it; v. kyooreytkyoo r-eyt] SpellSyllables


1. Chiefly British. a member of the clergy employed to assist a rector or vicar.

2. any ecclesiastic entrusted with the cure of souls, as a parish priest.

verb (used with object), curated, curating.

3. to take charge of (a museum) or organize (an art exhibit):

to curate a photography show.

4. to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content.

Yesterday evening a friend and I were grousing about how the word curate has become the vocabulary darling for aesthetically-minded speakers. Once reserved for museum professionals, now everyone curates something: their friends, their apartments, their wardrobes.

And then this morning I received my prompt for #Quest2015, an online community I’ve joined for the month of December to help me dream and vision my way into the New Year.

The prompt from Jason Silva, a self-professed epiphany-addict asks us to consider how we might “artfully curate your life in 2015 to occasion serendipity, creativity and awe?”

Apparently I can grouse about the word but I can’t avoid it.

As a dreamer, I know better than to run for cover when a synchronicity storm starts brewing, so instead of retreating I went to the dictionary to face the word head-on.

Curate, as it happens, isn’t just a verb meaning to select objects for presentation, but it is also a noun: A curate is a member of the clergy who is charged with care of the soul.

Aha! I now see that I’m not merely being prompted to make aesthetic choices about the design of my life. I’m being called on to be selective in deciding where to put my energy in the service of doing my soul’s work in the service of helping others with theirs.

Having now artfully framed the question (puns intended), I feel ready to allow the answers to curate themselves.

And so they have been. Enter synchronicity, serendipity, and awe at it all:


Is it a coincidence that today’s prompt features the idea of curating a life, and my previous post focused on an exhibit of Matisse’s drawings, which was curated, by the the artist Ellsworth Kelly.


Or that this morning, my sister (who curates a lovely blog from her home in Japan) offered me this comment on the above-mentioned post about Matisse:

Beautiful musings and way to approach life as art making!

Here`s one line I love of Matisses, his cure-all for all!:
“Draw branches! ” xo♡

[emphasis on the word cure … as in curate, curator, and cure-all is mine]

Matisse study of Trees

Matisse study of Trees


I saw my sister’s comment about Matisse and the branches after pulling this tarot card before my morning meditation, as I reflected on what I should teach in an upcoming dream seminar:

Speaker of trees

More branches complements of: The Speaker of Trees, from Shining Tribe Tarot Deck by Rachel Pollack


And what do I make of all of this?

I do not.

I allow the Great Curator to select exactly what I need to create the design of my best life.


This post is part of my December Questing with the good folks at #Quest2015 as we dream together into our best lives for the coming year.