“I study dreams because I love how they bring together mystery, magic, and science. I love that they are practical and useful, while at the same time mystifying and bedazzling. And I strongly suspect that the more we get to know them, the more we will get to know the fundamental truths of ourselves and our world.”

Lead with Your Dreams: Get Certified in Dream Studies

We’ve built telescopes that can peer into the deepest reaches of space, and instruments that can perceive the particles that make up a single atom. But science still can’t say exactly what a dream is made of, why we have them, or where they come from. And yet, our experience tells us without a doubt that they are essential to our self-understanding, self-growth, and development.

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) provides educational and training opportunities in dreams, dreamwork and dream group leadership. Our Dream Certification Program can benefit counselors, spiritual directors, life coaches, artists, and anyone seeking personal insight.

Lead with Your Dreams: Get Certified in Dream Studies

IDS adheres to the International Association for the Study of Dreams Ethics Guidelines. CE contact hours are available.

Tzivia Gover, Director
Justina Lasley, Founder
Institute for Dream Studies

"I want to help you connect with the everyday power, beauty, and wisdom of your life—awake and dreaming."