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I was woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a Frank Sinatra song playing in my bedroom … only to realize I was dreaming! I had to be: The bedroom in which I had just awaken had a clock radio on the bedside table (I don’t own a working clock radio) and the door was bright orange (no orange doors in my home).

“Okay,” I thought in the dream, “I wonder if there’s really music playing in the room where I’m actually asleep and that’s why Frank is crooning in my dream.” Maybe one of my neighbors had cranked their stereo for some reason, or some kids pulled up in a car in front of my house and instead of blasting floor-thudding rap music, they were blasting … Frank? Unlikely, but I wanted to check.

When I did manage to open my eyes in the right bed this time, there was no music playing. I’d of course dreamed it up.

In fact, outside stimulus affects our dreams only a small percentage of the time. Mostly, our dreams are purely internal experiences.

So, what does it mean when we dream about music?

It could be showing you that some aspect of your life is in harmony.

Is someone conducting the music in your dream? Are you singing along? Your action in relation to the music can show where you stand in relation to the harmony or dissidence in a particular area of your life.

Also, the specific song, singer and title of the song might have relevance. In my case, Frank Sinatra reminds me of my childhood, and my father in particular. This is music of nostalgia for simple times. Perhaps my dream shows me that I’m “waking up” to these memories and longings.

Come to think of it, I wish I hadn’t woken myself up from that dream. I would have liked to just tune in and enjoy the free concert!


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