Bringing Dream Education Online

When I was growing, up a classroom meant wooden desks with tops that opened so you could store your notebooks, readers, pencils, ruler, blunt scissors, and a tin of rubber cement. The air smelled of chalk dust and the school day was punctuated by the sound of ringing bells. The teacher stood at the front of the room, or sat behind a desk where grateful students would leave her a bright red apple.

Now, as Labor Day approaches, I’m looking forward to teaching a class where keyboards and screens replace blackboards and chalk, and cutting and pasting are merely symbolic gestures.

As the director of the Institute for Dream Studies I’m now offering an online course in Dream Studies for people who want to become certified as dream group leaders, teachers, and guides–or who simply want to learn more about dreams for personal growth and development. While I’ve been teaching in classrooms from K-12 and GED through college for decades, I’ll now be teaching in a virtual classroom for the first time in my career.

I can wax nostalgic about the old days, but I’m eager to see where new technology for teaching and learning will take my students and me as we explore the science, psychology, and mystical potential of dreams.

Oh, and as for that apple on the teacher’s desk … make mine a Mac!

Offering Online Courses for Dream Education

As for that apple for the teacher…make mine a Mac!

Is Dream Certification for You?

For more information about the Institute for Dream Studies Online Certification program, visit our website, or contact me directly.