The dream catcher that hangs over my bed was purchased last year during a dream conference in N. Carolina. (Thank you DNMNK)

Crisscrossed with light-

filled fibers that catch

dreams like stars

loosed from the sky. Thoughts

like acorns

falling from a tree

into a still lake. Ripples,

open into a corolla

of stories,

memories —

This wall hanging entitled "Dream Tree" was a gift in honor of becoming certified as a Dream Therapist in April. (Thank you again, DNMNK!) It also hangs in my bedroom.

a golden crown.Ā  A hoop

Encircling emptiness,

opening space

for a dream

to drop into.

Last night

a yellow slip of paper

blew into my dream.

My last hope

penned on pale sunshine,

and chased by the wind

through the open net.

This painting of lily pads was done by one of my students. It's like a still pond for dreams to fall into.

Only my happiness,

my heart, held

in the web.