Orange Colored Sky

For days, it seemed, my thinking had been fuzzy; my mood detached. My dreams had been hard to “catch.” I wasn’t writing — that would require focus, which I didn’t have.

Then, dreamed I was in a kitchen so small and narrow that my hips brushed against the bead-board cabinets on either side of me. I had to turn my body slightly to shimmy through the room from the back door past the refrigerator on one side, the stove on the other.

I began to take a closer look. The floors were gleaming white, all of the appliances were new.  Bright yellow, red and orange tiles, strategically placed, decorated the stove, refrigerator and walls.  There was also a red pinstripe running horizontally across the appliances. “I have kitchen envy!” I exclaimed.

I narrowed my focus, looking intently at those tiles. The orange color drew me in. I looked at it with such interest — as though I were trying to place the exact shade on a color wheel. I noticed not just the tint, but the tone and energy that seemed to emanate from the simple fact of this sunny orange hue. I feel unaccountably happy, delighted even by this color.

Even awake, the memory of that orange made me smile. I grabbed my copy of Robert Hoss’s book, Dream Language, in which he presents an in-depth study of colors in dreams. In a chart in the back of the book I found that orange has to do with feeling friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic, outgoing and adventurous. Nothing like how I was actually feeling in the days before I had the dream. But then I remembered that a therapist with whom I once did dream work used to say that dreams were often a few steps ahead of our own growth and development.

So I moved into my day hopeful that the clarity, focus and optimism from my orange-filled dream was just a little ways down the road. Maybe I’d even encounter it that very day!

[from DR Aug. 2 2010]


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