Good Night's SleepThe Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is increasingly touted as one of the best ways to achieve good health, productivity at work, memory, and longevity. Mindfulness teacher and dream expert Tzivia Gover has a new book and a mission: to help people rediscover the pleasure of sleep and creative nighttime dreaming. Get A Good Night’s Sleep now.


Joy in Every Moment

The exquisitely designed and inspirational book Joy in Every Moment is a treasury of creative, doable ways to uncover little bits of joy in the course of the day that will add up to a lifetime of happiness.

The book appeals to anyone who wants to feel more joyful. Basic instructions for stress-reducing techniques like meditation give readers a boost. Readers can follow the daily routines page by page or flip open to sections that speak to them at that moment.




Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House

When author Tzivia Gover decided to leave the world of daily journalism to teach poetry to teen mothers in a small, struggling inner-city neighborhood in western Massachusetts, she couldn’t have felt more different from the urban, Puerto Rican students she came to teach on that first day of class. Nor could she have anticipated the lessons she would learn from and with them.

Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House: A Teacher, Her Students, and the Woman Who Inspired Them (Levellers Press, $18.95) is the story of Gover’s first years teaching at The Care Center, the students she met and the tale she uncovered in their creative, colorful, and slightly chaotic school.

With her students, Gover learns that their school was once home to Elizabeth Towne (1865-1960), an early suffragist and leader of the New Thought movement (precursor of today’s New Age movement). By coincidence, Towne was herself a teen mother who left school at age fourteen to marry. Unhappy in her marriage, she divorced and set out on her own, supporting herself by publishing a magazine that went on to become the nation’s leading New Thought journal.

By turns humorous, informative and moving, Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House tells of Gover’s experience as an idealistic poetry teacher who tries to capture the hearts of the teen mothers who are her students. Faced with the gritty reality of these young women’s lives, she seeks inspiration and refuge in Elizabeth Towne’s story.

Writing down the dream is the first step in dream work.

Tzivia’s Dream. Write. Refresh journal includes information on dreams, tips for dream recall and dreamwork—plus plenty of space to record your dreams and waking experiences.

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"I want to help you connect with the everyday power, beauty, and wisdom of your life—awake and dreaming."