I’m not prepared

My bag isn’t packed.

I only have 11 dollars, all singles

I’m not sure why I’m going, anyway

I’ll see if I can get out of it

Trade in my ticket

Get a refund


But you say: 

Don’t back out now!

You’re at the airport already, aren’t you?

There will be plenty to see.

Just go!

Reminds me of the time

The acupuncturist put a needle in the space between my eyebrows

I was there to cure my knees

So why was she putting a needle in my forehead?

For enlightenment, she told me.

Why would I want that? I asked.

I just wanted my knees to stop hurting.


Okay, so maybe I need to start thinking bigger.

Maybe they’ll have an ATM over there in Jerusalem or wherever we land.

I grab socks and a pair of old sandals from a pile of my daughter’s things

And some t-shirts, too.

I kiss you awake to tell you

I’ve figured it out

I’m going

Going to the Promised Land