Deal room

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Once while I was working at a job where it seemed I could never quite measure up, I had a dream that I was flying. The next morning I had to make a presentation to a group of executives who made me feel intimidated and inadequate. But as I walked down the long corridor to the conference room, I thought to myself: “I was flying through the air last night, soaring between the stars.” I suddenly felt quite powerful and accomplished. Remembering the dream brought that feeling of confidence into every fiber of my being. I pushed the heavy wooden door open with an air of authority and took my seat. For the rest of the day I felt fully at ease.

Anything goes in dreams: You can walk through walls, sit at a café and sip a steaming cup of tea with a deceased friend, walk across continents in a matter of minutes, grow tall enough to brush the top of your head on the bottom of the moon.

And while you can’t necessarily bring a pocketful of stardust with you back into waking reality, you can bring the feelings of wonder, awe, bliss and happiness into your day.

Next time you have a creative, fun, blissful or inventive dream … bottle up a little bit of that expansive emotion and store it in your heart where you can pull it out anytime you need a little whiff of what is possible!


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