For those of you who read my previous post, “Talking in My Sleep”, you might be interested in this post as well, in which you will learn how the dream telepathy contest turned out. If you didn’t read the previous post, check it out to get the full story!

And the winner is …


Okay, I admit it. I’m competitive.

Problem is, I don’t have many areas in which to compete successfully. I’m not much of an athlete, have no musical abilities, and only limited artistic talent. So, when there is an arena in which I can actually join the fray, I jump in. Happily for me, the IASD dream conference offers an opportunity for me to put my gifts to the test: The Annual Dream Telepathy Contest.

This competition is both serious science–dreamers are trying to prove that dream telepathy is indeed possible and documentable—and it’s also fun.

Once a year several hundred dreamers come together during the annual IASD conference, and on the appointed night, all try to dream of the image that is sent telepathically by someone who views a picture and tries to transmit it through telepathy to participating dreamers. In the morning, dreamers write out their dream reports, and submit them to the judges for evaluation. The process is highly structured and carefully monitored to make it as scientific as possible.

And this year, after five years of trying, I was proud to say my dream came closest to the mark, and I was named the winner.

But that’s not the only reason I enjoyed the contest. I’m serious about dreaming and love the fun of a group activity that gets us all excited and interested in the possibility of extraordinary dreaming. But what is truly meaningful to me is the fact that participating in the telepathy contest offers an opportunity to engage in discourse about the power of dreams.

I believe strongly that we are all capable of tuning into our dreams, and therefore accessing an amazing well of so-called psychic abilities. With a little bit of attention and practice, anyone can benefit from the limitless well of psychic, psychological, spiritual, and healing energies, wisdom, and guidance that is available through our dreams.

The first step is to value your dreams. Record them, and watch for how dream material connects with your waking life. Notice when there are synchronicities, or when a dream connects you with a future event. Keep an open mind, and exercise your healthy skepticism as well.

When we are each our own dream scientist, approaching our waking and dreaming experiences with curiosity, intelligence, and wonder, we are sure to win. The prize for honoring our dreams is the gold that shines through us when we live a richer, more conscious, and vibrant lives.

The Target Image:

IASD Telepathy target image

My Dream Report:

Below I have inserted an excerpt from my dream report from the Dream Telepathy Contest.

Intention: “Tonight in my dream I will connect with Mary and see clearly the image she is sending. I will wake and recall my dreams.”

I’m in a hotel room/dorm/bunk room with a lot of beds. I see a pad of paper with my handwritten dream reports on them. I then realize it’s my dream reports from last year’s telepathy contest. Then I think it is someone else’s dream report.

I am about to tear up the sheets when I realize there are religious passages and quotes printed on the stationery … not my dream reports.

My bunkmate Randi L. points to a black woman who is about to do a headstand on her bed, with her knees propped on her elbows. I wave RL off and go back to the Dream Reports/stationery.

I am writing all these dreams in a journal as I sit on a bench covered in plants with rain puddles at my feet. About a half block down the street I can see the ocean.

I recall Rita D. telling us to look for unusual images in our dreams to identify the target image. I write in my journal: Strangest image of the night” … and describe the black woman on her head in bed …

I tell Laura and Sherry [what I think the target image was]

Sherry is standing in our hotel suite writing in a notebook. I realize I shouldn’t be talking to her because I could interfere with her dream recall.


Why I think this dream hits the target: First of all, the religious writings on white paper in my dream are a close match with the pages of the Bible in the target image. Also, there are images in my dream of open notebooks, like the open book in the target image. Finally, to me dreams are sacred texts, so the dream reports that appear in the dream itself, combined with the religious quotes on the stationery, bring me very close to the target. Finally, the dream “announces” the target image by placing the “unusual image,” i.e. the woman standing on her head in bed, in the same scene in which I’m holding the pages with sacred writing on them.


Do you believe in dream telepathy? Why not try it and find out for yourself what your dreaming mind is capable of.

Remember, as in all things, practice makes (more) perfect!

Happy dreaming!

Talking in My Sleep …