Awake in the night

Despite everything we know about the benefits of getting enough sleep, and everything it does to support our health and happiness, we are still falling into bed too late, exhausted—or we doze off in front of the TV before we even get there.

We’re not sleeping soundly or well, either. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called our problem with sleeplessness an epidemic, and according to the Better Sleep Council, more than half of Americans say they’d rather have more sleep than sex. We’re told that the problem is everything from our busy schedules, to our cell phones, to our 24-7 culture.

But that’s not what I think. I believe we’re avoiding and resisting sleep for the same reason any 6-year-old avoids bedtime. We are afraid of the dark.

We may not literally be afraid of turning out the lights, but we are frightened of the darkness behind our closed eyes. We’re afraid of being left alone at night with our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. And we’re afraid of our dreaming mind and what it represents about the unexamined contents of our subconscious. And that, I believe is what is keeping us up nights.

Not only that, I believe, that dreams can help us fall back in love with sleep, and transform our experience of the one-third of our lives we spend in bed.

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Tzivia Gover, MFA, Certified Dream Professional
Author of Joy in Every Moment
The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

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