English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Sc...

English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Schminkspiegel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This fall I participated in a Psiber Dream Conference, where dreamers from around the world presented papers and entered discussions about the extra-ordinary aspects of dreaming, from lucid dreams, to mutual dreams, remote viewing and precognitive dreams.

The theme this year was “Through the Looking Glass” and a few of the papers I read suggested looking at mirrors as portals within the dream, then entering these portals to discover other amazing worlds.

I tried for three nights in a row to find such a mirror in my dreams. I came close on several occasions, but never was able to get lucidly aware enough to actually travel through a mirror into a different dimension.

Nonetheless, I did manage to write a poem about one of my near misses. The poem turned out to be a portal of its own into other realms of thought and imagination.

Through the Looking Glass

My smile melts,

skin sags, folds,

lets go of bone

just before it disappears

into the mirrored plane

of a dream about to end.

Let me be the beauty

that hides within.

But words can’t keep pace.

A new dream begins.

© 2013 Tzivia Gover


My poem “Through the Looking Glass” represents the second poem I’ve written this month in an effort to write 30 Poems in November as part of a fundraiser for immigrant literacy. To sponsor me in my Poem-a-Day challenge, please visit: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/Tzivia/30poems