My day begins and ends right here:

It's true, I sleep better in my new, improved, sleep sanctuary.


And it begins and ends with this:IMG_2728


My journal helps me find meaning in my daytime and nighttime adventures.

At night before I go to bed I write something in my journal. Usually I make a list of 10 things that were wonderful about the day, or that I am grateful for, or both! I call it my Wonderful/Grateful list.

Or I might write about something that happened that made me feel a strong emotion. Or that I want to remember, because it was important to me.

This is my time to reflect on the day and to remind myself of what the point was: To find love, beauty, and meaning among the random ups and downs, challenges and successes of any given day.

When I wake, I reach for my journal and jot down my dreams. I look to my dreams in the morning, as I look to the day that just passed at bedtime, scanning for any information that might help me. My dreams show me what’s on my mind. They show me where I’m resisting life, and where I’m embracing it. They offer me images that can help me focus my mind on healing and growth.

What happens during my daytime and nighttime adventures matters. But what matters most is what I do with them.

It all begins and ends right here:




And thanks to this:


I can stay with my intention to live it all as fully and well as I’m able.


Keeping a journal to record your dreams and waking experiences is the first step toward recalling your dreams and finding the meaning and messages they contain. The Third House Moon Dream Journal makes a great gift … for yourself, or for others! To order a copy* for $10 plus postage and handling, contact me.


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