A Note from Me at 23:

a found poem

In this dream, I examine a leather glove

to see how it’s made. Will I unmake it, or make more?

I examine the patterns on Emily’s cape. I want to imitate her good taste.

I look Joy in the eye and say, I want to know you like a man.

I chew bubble gum and call my friend a wench.

I’m scared. I’m tired, but I can only go to sleep. Can’t I rest?

Is that why I want you? Because I’m all alone with these dreams?

I love to sleep, the way my dreams take me places,

the way they take me in.

Writing has always been

the answer. Dreaming

the question.

by Tzivia Gover 2012 & 1986


(from my journal Jan. 10, 1986)

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