after Mary Oliver

What if this is the dream

and real life happens when you’re asleep?

Why do I remember so many dreams each night

but I can’t remember where I left my keys?

Why don’t I have dreams in which I meet Salome

and find ancient skulls in crypt-like depths, as Jung did?
Instead I dream of searching — night after night —

for a bathroom stall with a clean seat.

Why do people always ask if I dream in color?

And what do dolphins dream about?
What if Freud was right?

How many other people’s dreams have I appeared in?
And what was I wearing?

When you reach Nirvana, do you still dream?

And why is it called a nightmare

and not a nightstallion — or steed?

What if the dream needs

the dreamer the way God need our prayers?

And did you have a good night’s sleep?
Tell me, what did you dream?